What Your Toes Can Say About Your Character

What Your Toes Can Say About Your Character

We all know the old saying “Your eyes are the mirror of the soul”, but if you want to find out more about a person, their character and qualities, you have to take a look at their feet and toes.

This type of reading personality originates from China and India. People have practiced it for thousands of years. They believe that our feet are a mirror for our body and soul.

The shape of the toes is connected to the character of a person.

Take a look at this image and read about any of the toes!

Example no. 1

This personality is creative. People who have this form of their toes are very smart, and always find creative solutions to any problem, but they tend to leave an already begun work halfway because of insecurity.

Example no. 2

People who have this form of their toes are energetic with a creative potential. They can always stand behind of their real beliefs.

Example no. 3

This shape indicates leadership qualities. The main objective of these people is to have success in their career. They crave for incredible perfectionism and that can sometimes pose a problem for them. According to some Indian legends, the mother did not allow her children to marry women who had the second finger on their feet longer than the other. It was considered to be a sign of a commanding character.

Example no. 4

These people consider that their greatest value are their family and close friends. They have the ability to listen to others and certainly identify with the other party. They sometimes take everything personally, so this can be a problem for them.

Example no. 5

These people are ambitious, but they don’t want to take responsibility. These people are fun and engaging, but are often naive like a child.

So, take a look at your toes.

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