Use This 3 Ingredients Face Wash Daily And Shine Like A Beauty Queen

Use This 3 Ingredients Face Wash Daily And Shine Like A Beauty Queen!

In order for our face skin to look amazing we need to perform daily routines. They involve regular scrubbing, using of mild wash, and moisturizer . Moreover, we need to apply creams and lotions in order to fight acne, reduce wrinkles, as well as dark circles, and remove acne scars and tan. This seems like a lot. However, you can perform this routine with only one simple face wash. In this way, you will be able to save time and efforts, and make your skin look healthy.

The ingredients of this ace wash routine are inexpensive and easily available. It will shrink your skin pores, reduce acne and wrinkles, and also protect the skin from sunlight.


  • ½ tsp of coconut oil;
  • ½ cup of liquid castile soap;
  • 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil.

How to prepare it: place the liquid castile soap in a bowl and add the coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Mix them well and store it in a squeeze bottle or a hand wash bottle. Use the mixture to wash our face each day in the morning and before going to bed. In only one week you will be able to obtain positive results.

The skin on your face will be flawless, smooth, and soft. The tone will be improved and aging signs will be reduced. The mixture will protect the natural glow and moisture your skin.

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