She Put Some Baking Soda Under Eyes, The Result Is Wonderful

She Put Some Baking Soda Under Eyes, The Result Is Wonderful!

It can be really difficult to believe that something that you already have in your home, like the baking soda, can protect, nourish and heal the skin on the face.

The truth is baking soda is used for numerous medicinal purposes. While you should consult your physician before ingesting baking soda, the substance is beneficial for your skin, hair, and teeth.

Added to your bathwater soothes skin irritations while serving as a natural exfoliate. This all-purpose substance even works as a deodorant without parabens and aluminum, but what baking soda does for your face is amazing.

One of the greatest benefits of a baking soda is that you can make a mask for your skin type and need.

How to make the mask

The process of making is really simple and easy.

For a basic baking soda mask, mix a tablespoon of cool water and one and a half tablespoons of baking soda together to create a thick liquid. Gently smooth over your clean skin and leave it there for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.

For dry skin, you should keep the mask on for a shorter period as baking soda removes facial oils. However, leave the mask on longer if you have oily skin. After that, you can apply a moisturizer (better oil-free).

Benefits of baking soda mask

The baking soda is amazing for the blackheads. It can help to remove the infection that causes these stubborn blackheads and to loosen your skin to make them easier for you to remove them.

The greatest benefit of this powerful soda face mask is to remove the acne and some other blemishes because it acts like a natural antibiotic that can cure many underlying fungal infections. The baking soda can erase the acne scars and also boost the healing of its damage.

The baking soda can ease the pain from the skin toning.

The face mask from baking soda is good for the pores because it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can ease that inflammation, make the skin to look better, and open the pores. Also, it prevents the pores from clogging and helps in absorbing the oil.

Countless people battle dark circles and under eye bags. Unfortunately, most remedies fall short. Baking soda provides a natural alternative with amazing results.

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